Mar 222015

Didga is a well trained, indoor kitty. She is under close supervision in these outdoor excursions.

From the video description:

Didga is 2.5 years old, I adopted her from a shelter at 13 weeks old with the sole intention of starting a youtube channel to showcase her talents (T.B.A.) and to teach humans about responsible cat ownership.

#1 keep your cat indoors, then teach your cat to walk on a leash and other fun things, giving your indoor cat experiences like that of an outdoor cat BUT without the dangers. indoor cats live (on average) twice as long, not to mention the wildlife cats kill, it’s very sad.


Nov 052012
National Animal Shelter (and Rescue!) Appreciation Week

This week (November 4 – 10) is National Animal Shelter (and Rescue!) Appreciation Week. How can you show appreciation to all the hard work that shelters and rescues do year round? Drop off a donation from their want list (most websites will have a list of items they need like food, treats, paper towels, etc). Clean out […]