Dec 122012

The news team at ABC 36 has some fun pet ideas for you.

Here’s our list of great gift ideas too.

The Undercover Mouse is a favorite among cats. There is nothing more enticing than that toe under the cover movement!

Another hit with cats is Da Bird. Its realistic movement drives them crazy!

Give kitty the gift of a tropical getaway right in your living room with the Kitty Kahuna Cabanarama from Fat Cat.

Some cats can’t get enough of chasing bugs, so Neko Flies has come up with some great teaser wands to keep the crawlies out of your house.

Don’t for get the nip! Cosmic Catnip has  been a trusted brand for years available now at

Finally, stuff their stocking full of treats!


Nov 052012
National Animal Shelter (and Rescue!) Appreciation Week

This week (November 4 – 10) is National Animal Shelter (and Rescue!) Appreciation Week. How can you show appreciation to all the hard work that shelters and rescues do year round? Drop off a donation from their want list (most websites will have a list of items they need like food, treats, paper towels, etc). Clean out [...]

Oct 052012

Last month we were able to send out quite a few toys and treats to shelters and rescues. All thanks to your donations! Here is the list of organizations doing great work that we are proud to have sent donations to… Human Society of Tennessee Valley Pet Partners, Inc Humane Society of Berks County One [...]

Sep 102012
Scruffy Appears on Internet Cooking Show

The cooking show is a Twitter sensation known Cooking wif Rabbits: Rabbits are the Chef Not the Meal! Starring a lovable plush rabbit named Zachary Rabbit and his pal Rufus Rabbit. In this week’s episode Scruffy McGee stops by to share his family recipe for Ratatouille. Be sure to stop by and check out the full episodes for [...]

Sep 062012

This month, we are once again, happy to donate toys and treats to the cats and kittens at the following rescues and shelters. Than kyou to everyone that has donated through our Toys for Pets Donation Program. No Nonsense Neutering Good Mews Animal Foundation Valley Stream Cat Rescue Hillside SPCA If you know of any [...]

Aug 252012

Our Toys for Pets Program relies on donations from our customers and we all want to thank you for those generous donations. If it weren’t for you we would not be able to send out boxes of goodies to the great shelters and rescue like this: St Joseph Bay Humane Society Tails of Courage Kitty Cottage Adoption [...]

Mar 082012
Catnip Catnip and More Catnip

Catnip — most cats love it but a small percentage of cats aren’t even affected by catnip. Kittens often won’t respond to catnip but most likely will once they reach adulthood. All I know is my cats LOVE it! What is catnip? Let’s ask wikipedia… Nepeta cataria (also known as catnip, catswort, or catmint) is [...]

Mar 072012
We've Moved

Just in case you hadn’t notice don our contact us page, we have a new address. We moved into our new warehouse in January and had it filled to the gills and back to smooth working order in less than a week. Notice our two geese guards on the roof?